Meet Bhargava, a Backend Engineer

Introducing Bhargava, shaping all things code to create and improve Acre!

Introducing Bhargava, one of Acre's Backend Engineers. Bhargava joined Acre back in April 2021.

What made you want to join Acre?

I was attracted to Acre because they’re building an exciting, contemporary solution in an industry that relies on antiquated tools and technologies. On top of this, the company has a strong engineering culture with an impressive modern software engineering stack (which utilises a Blockchain).

What does a typical day look like for you?

I tend to start just before our stand up at 9:30 AM. This is where we discuss our sprint progress. Following that, as a Backend Engineer, I spend the rest of the day working on our Sprint Tasks, this involves bug fixes, deployments, feature engineering and designing/refining technical requirements.

the company has a strong engineering culture with an impressive modern Software Engineering Stack

What were you doing before?

I was a Software Engineering at a bank where I worked on their internal Self-Service Data Science and ML Platform.

What's your go-to lunch (and why)?

At home, my go-to lunch is either left-overs from the night before or my local falafel stand at London Bridge.

At the office, it’s between something at Berwick Street Market in Soho or Katsu Curry at Japan Centre.

What superhero power do you bring to the team?

Not only do I do the heavy lifting with Acre's code but I'm chief lunch operator at Acre. Everyone counts on me for the food recommendations, so I suppose stopping the team becoming hangry is my super power!

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