About Acre

Who is Acre?

Acre is an all-in-one mortgage & protection platform. The mission?

Make home buying quicker and easier for buyers, brokers, insurers, and lenders by bringing everything into one place.

How did Acre start?

Let us take you back to 2017. Our founder, Justus, found a dreamy property in France and thought, I want it. After having his offer accepted and armed with his deposit, Justus thought the rest would be a breeze. Not quite.

Justus first went to the banks he held accounts with, but they couldn’t find him a mortgage, didn’t deal with foreign buyers, or didn’t offer him a competitive mortgage. So, the next avenue he tried was an online brokerage. The process was slow, the requirements kept changing, and the fees doubled in the middle of the transaction. In fact, the process slowed down so much that more than 3 months passed before the lender made a decision, meaning all the documents had to be resubmitted. He thought surely home buying should be easier in the 21st century?

With this experience behind him, Justus and the team at Founders Factory set off to investigate why the experience of getting a mortgage is so poor. After spending months with brokers, lenders, clubs, and insurers to understand how things work today and how they could be improved, they had a plan to change home buying for the better.

By working closely with the entire existing ecosystem, Acre was formed. Acre’s platform isn’t a better-designed mousetrap but an entirely new way to think about mortgages and insurance. All while helping customers manage and protect their data.

The initial skeleton team from 2018 has now grown to over 30 people and beyond. Acre are here and ready to make home buying better for all involved.

a diagram showing the relationship between Acre, Aviva, Sesame Bankhall Group and Founders Factory

How is Acre simplifying the home-buying process?

Brokers are a key part of getting the best deal on your mortgage and insurance, and help you navigate the process of buying a home. But they limited by tools that are (mostly) decades old.

These tools don't draw on existing sources of customer data, so you always have to start from scratch. We simplify this by:

  • Removing the need to rekey customer data – there’s only one system. Once the data’s in, it’s in.
  • Automating compliance at every stage – there’s an unchangeable ledger of all actions so things are never out of sync. The requirements, documents, and rules change to match the product being sold, so there’s never any wasted energy.
  • Offering other products the customer needs - protection, home insurance, and conveyancing, are all included in the journey. And if a client decides later on they want to buy one of these through their broker, they won’t need to start the advice process over again in a new tool.

We also believe our platform has be designed around the users it serves. By putting home buyers and brokers at the heart of its design, Acre is building the best home buying experience in the market.

features of the Acre platform

How to find us

We’re located right in the heart of London’s West End in St James. Close to Piccadilly Circus and Soho, you can walk to us from 7 tube lines and some of the UK’s busiest rail stations. Feel free to swing by our offices if you want a tour and to meet the team! We’d also be happy to arrange a demo, to be done in person or online.

We’ve built Acre to serve the whole of the UK, with input from brokers all over the UK. To that end, our teams aren’t just based in London, but also around the UK, with clusters in Bournemouth and Cardiff. We aim to make it an easy commute to get to Head Office, but we’re flexible with all of our workers.

Acre employees are based across the UK and Europe – we believe in hiring the right people for the job, no matter where you’re living. We work with all our staff to find the right balance of working hours and in-person vs remote collaboration. You shouldn’t have to make big sacrifices to make a job work.

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