Our story

The journey so far



Our founder Justus found his dream property, but the mortgage process was a nightmare. Banks couldn't help, online brokerages were slow and fees doubled. He realised home buying should be easier in the 21st century, so he and the Founders Factory team set out to improve the mortgage process. After researching with brokers, lenders, clubs and insurers, they developed a plan to make home buying better.



Working closely with mortgage and protection specialists in the industry, we built our first version of the Acre CRM. Rather than simply building a slightly better version of what’s out there, our platform offers with a totally fresh approach to Mortgage and Protection software.



In 2019, we raised £5 million from Aviva Ventures and Sesame Bankhall Group. This money helped us quickly grow our team to over 30 people and speed up the development of new features. As a result, we were able to launch a private Beta version of our product to a group of early adopter mortgage companies.



While everyone was locked indoors, we spent our time shipping some game-changing features. Highlights include building our best-in-class sourcing engine and adding support for General Insurance.



We worked closely with our pilot firms to ensure our Mortgage and Protection CRM was fully road-tested before it hit the market. We partnered with PMS, the UK's leading mortgage club, and were chosen as their preferred technology partner to be distributed to their directly authorised mortgage and protection advisors.



2022 saw us ramping up our market-share and our team capabilities considerably. We grew our user base by 4X, expanded the team by 50%, launched a huge amount of unparalleled features such as calendar integrations and a new and hugely improved client portal experience for home buyers. Not to mention winning ‘Best Digital Solution Provider - LendTech’ in the Banking Tech Awards!

Acre simplifies home-buying

Brokers are an important part of getting the best deal on your mortgage and insurance, and they help you navigate the process of buying a home. However, they’re often limited by tools that are outdated. These tools don't use existing customer data, so you have to constantly provide the same information over and over again.
We make the process easier by:

Putting users first

We’ve designed our platform around the users it serves. By putting home buyers and brokers at the heart of its design, Acre is building the best home buying experience in the market.

Automating compliance

There’s an unchangeable ledger of all actions so things are never out of sync. The requirements, documents, and rules change to match the product being sold, so there’s never any wasted energy.

Improving cross-sales

Protection, home insurance, and conveyancing, are all included in the journey. And if a client decides later on they want to buy one of these through their broker, they won’t need to start the advice process over again in a new tool.

Acre mortgage software CRM case board
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