All-in-one CRM software for Mortgage & Protection Brokers

Our specialised Mortgage Broker Software brings you powerful features like mortgage and protection sourcing, best-in-class case management, and automated suitability. With seamless integrations for ID checks, credit history, property reports, and more, Acre simplifies your workflow. Take advantage of our scheduling tools to optimise your time, while our intuitive platform helps grow your business through cross-sells and enhances client relationships.

All-in-one CRM software for Mortgage & Protection Brokers
Purpose-built Mortgage and protection CRM software

Purpose-built Mortgage and protection CRM software

Acre is the fastest growing Mortgage Broker Software in the UK mortgage industry. Our platform provides you with a purpose-built CRM tailored specifically for brokers. We understand that success in this industry requires precision and efficiency, which is why our mortgage broker software is designed to streamline your operations.

From managing cases using intuitive and customisable views, to dashboards that show you opportunities and insights, Acre Software empowers mortgage brokers to manage their business with ease.

Better case management

Acre provides brokers with an advantage in case management through specialised views that offer more intuitive ways to manage case-loads. Our mortgage CRM software ensures that brokers can easily identify and prioritise cases, streamlining their workflow.

With detailed dashboards, brokers can easily see opportunities and insights into their workload that help them be more productive with less effort.

Customisable views let you see what you need to do next instantly, meaning less notes and to-do lists on paper. Track everything you need to do in one single place.

Better case management

Best-in-class mortgage sourcing engine

Acre's fully-integrated mortgage sourcing gives you unparalleled control, allowing you to compare products with multiple levels of filters, real-time lender affordability, and a wide range of product types to find the perfect product for your client.

Keep up with the fast-paced lending market using Acre's Lender Criteria filters, ensuring perfect match for your client's needs.

Never miss an affordable option with Acre's real-time lender affordability data, integrated directly into the sourcing grid, saving you time.

Compare and find the best fit for your client with Acre's multiple product options including Second Charge, Retirement, Interest-only, Porting, Product Transfers, and Further Advances.

Best-in-class mortgage sourcing engine

Integrated protection

Protection in Acre is a game-changer for mortgage brokers looking to provide comprehensive client services. Our platform empowers brokers to offer expert advice on protection needs seamlessly.

With Acre, brokers can leverage client data from mortgage cases to effortlessly tailor protection solutions. Moreover, our integrated system enables brokers to source protection products directly within Acre, simplifying the process and saving valuable time, making us the go-to choice for mortgage broker software with a focus on protection.

Integrated protection sourcing
Automated suitability reports

Automated suitability reports

Acre's Mortgage Broker Software revolutionises the process of generating suitability reports by automating the entire procedure. Leveraging extensive data gathered during the fact-finding process, including client information, property details, and sourcing data, Acre simplifies the creation of suitability reports.

Brokers can now effortlessly produce comprehensive Reasons-Why-Letters with minimal effort, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service. With Acre, efficiency meets precision, setting a new standard in Mortgage Broker Software solutions.

“I'm more productive when I'm using Acre. It cuts down on all that unnecessary work and wasted admin time. And the big thing for me is I've got more time back."
Lewis Shaw from Shaw Financial
Lewis ShawShaw Financial Services

Best-in-class support

Our Customer Success team will design a custom onboarding plan for your company and support you throughout your Acre journey. From setup to training, support, and ongoing check-ins, we're here to ensure a smooth experience and set your team up for success.

We will also support you in migrating all of your existing client data from your current systems to Acre at no additional cost, making the transition as seamless as possible.

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Industry leading integrations

Acre is the ultimate all-in-one solution for mortgage and protection brokers, seamlessly integrating every essential service and data source needed to provide a comprehensive client service.

Our Mortgage Broker Software goes above and beyond by integrating vital resources, including client credit history retrieval at zero cost to both brokers and their clients. Additionally, Acre connects brokers with property data directly from the Land Registry and Defra, along with a wealth of over 45 other services.

With Acre, brokers can effortlessly access and leverage a wealth of data, ensuring they can deliver the highest level of service to their clients without jumping between apps and services.

Mortgage software integrations
Cross-sell opportunities

Increased Cross-Sales

Acre empowers brokers to unlock new streams of revenue effortlessly through cross-sales, enriching their service offerings while providing clients with comprehensive financial solutions.

With Acre, brokers can seamlessly advise clients on additional financial products such as Home Insurance or effortlessly refer them to our trusted partners, ensuring a smooth self-serve journey.

Beyond this, brokers can also extend their assistance to clients by referring them for essential services like conveyancing and wills. This holistic approach not only enhances the overall client experience but also aligns with the FCA Consumer Duty, ensuring that all client needs are addressed comprehensively, creating a win-win scenario for both brokers and clients alike.

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