Acre's client portal on mobile

The digital experience your clients expect

Acre Client Portal gives clients a branded online window into the mortgage process, a modern digital web app accessible from their phone or computer.

With the Acre Client Portal, brokers can provide the cutting-edge online experiences that today's customers demand. It's more than just a portal; it's a dynamic platform that enhances the entire client-broker relationship, offering easy access to information, and seamless communication.

The Acre Portal ensures that clients stay connected, informed, and engaged throughout their mortgage journey, setting a new standard for what clients can expect from their broker's services.

Effortless fact finds

Acre Client Portal is designed to simplify a traditionally complex process. Clients can complete fact finds with confidence, as our portal offers an intuitive and informative interface.

Clients are guided through each step with clear explanations and comprehensive information, building trust along the way. Meaning brokers can pick up cases with all the information at hand, making those first meetings more valuable.

Client portal fact finds

Secure document management

Clients can use the portal as a way to upload all their necessary documents as well as view and sign documents digitally. No more sending proofs in the post, clients can manage their documents securely from the Acre Client Portal

Acre Client Portal guides clients through uploading all the required initial documents, including information about accepted forms of proofs etc.

All documents are stored securely so clients can access all information and policies easily online.

Send recommendations and suitability reports straight to your client’s portal for them to view and sign.

Acre client portal document management on tablet
Acre credit reports in client portal

Credit reports

Through the Acre Client Portal, clients have the unique advantage of retrieving their consumer credit report from Equifax free of charge. What sets us apart is that this data doesn't just benefit the clients; it also seamlessly integrates with the Acre CRM, providing brokers with immediate access to crucial credit information.

This ensures brokers can comprehensively review and analyse client credit history and see any red flags as early as possible.

Secure client messaging

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms for client communication and maintaining audit trails. Acre enables brokers to securely interact with clients directly within the client portal. When a new message arrives, advisors receive a notification, ensuring they stay informed and responsive.

This streamlined communication expedites applications, improves client experiences, and eliminates the need to sift through scattered emails. It’s never been easier to stay connected to clients, provide exceptional service, and maintain clear communication records within the Acre ecosystem.

Secure client messaging in Acre's client portal
“What we're finding is we're getting between 70% and 95% of all the hard facts completed by clients. The real game changer is A) having that upfront before the first meeting and B) the credit file. So you can see if there are any blips or anything there. And it's also allowing us to be really productive in that first meeting.”
George Williamson from Mortgage Advice Brokerage
George WilliamsonMortgage Advice Brokerage

Property reports

In the Acre Client Portal, clients can easily access a report about the property they’re purchasing. These reports serve as an early preview of critical information that could impact your clients' future property investments. They include jargon-busting explainers, broadband speed assessments, and the most recent Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, helping clients make informed decisions about energy efficiency and utility costs.

Additionally, our reports provide insights into local property market trends, historical sale data, and details about the area, including tenures, crime statistics, and community demographics. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive land registry overviews, highlighting factors such as flood risks, geological surveys, and major infrastructure projects, providing a snapshot of potential property risks at an early stage.

Property Reports in Acre Client Portal

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