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The Acre platform is designed to elevate your brokerage with essential features like management dashboards for real-time business insights, robust accounting tools, and management information that empowers you to make informed decisions. All Acre software has been developed with regulatory compliance, helping you meet the FCA's Consumer Duty requirements effortlessly.

Acre Management Dashboards
Business Insights dashboards in Acre on tablet

Business insights dashboards

Acre dashboards take business insights to the next level, offering firm managers real-time visibility into team performance and consumer duty compliance.

Our dashboards provide a snapshot of your brokerage's operations, allowing you to pinpoint strengths and identify areas for improvement.

With Acre, you can easily track key metrics, ensuring that you're always in the know when it comes to your team's performance. Whether it's identifying opportunities for cross-selling or ensuring that you're meeting the requirements of the FCA's Consumer Duty.

Accounting tools

Acre's Accounting features let you effortlessly track and reconcile fees generated at case-level. Our user-friendly interface supports broker fees, proc fees for mortgages and protection, and even allows manual additions of one-off fees and recurring payments. Commissions are displayed seamlessly, making financial management a breeze.

Accounting tools in Acre Mortgage and Protection CRM
Management Information reports

Management Information (MI) reports

Acre MI reports provide you with valuable insights to drive business growth. Track your current business pipeline effortlessly, allowing you to identify opportunities and gaps in real-time. Filter by multiple different dimensions for tailored insights. Discover the reasons behind case cancellations, filter results, and gain deeper insights into your operations. Dive into the Case Status Waterfall to understand your case funnel and its performance.

Stay informed about revenue trends with a monthly breakdown per advisor. With Acre's MI, you're not just tracking numbers; you're making informed decisions.

“With Acre integrations like conveyancing, insurance, and now wills, we’re giving advisors as much opportunity to make more revenue with minimal input as possible.”
Chris Caulfield-Jones from Cornerstone Network
Chris Caulfield-JonesCornerstone Network

Compliant by design

We've made compliance a central focus of our platform, incorporating it into every aspect of the system to save you having to worry. With features such as automatic audit trails, you can effortlessly track and maintain a comprehensive record of your brokers activities.

Our mortgage sourcing system provides industry-leading evidence of research, providing a transparent and documented trail of the decisions behind a recommendation.

Compliance flags automatically warn case checkers about potential risks, helping you identify and address compliance concerns early on.

Case checking views in Acre
Cross-sale integrations in Acre

Cross-sell opportunities

At Acre, we're committed to helping managers not only streamline their operations but also unlock new avenues for business growth and additional revenue streams. Our platform is designed to make cross-selling a breeze, allowing you to expand your services effortlessly.

What sets us apart is our automation capabilities, which can seamlessly refer services like conveyancing, home insurance, and wills without any additional effort from your advisors. This means you can boost your business revenue without adding to your team's workload.

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