Acre's 2022 Wrap-Up

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It’s the end of another big year for Acre and we are really proud of all that we’ve achieved in 2022.

We want to thank everyone involved in making this our most successful year so far and share five things that we’ve accomplished together since January.


1.    A growing team

We couldn’t have achieved anything this year without our amazing team.

Acre has hired some impressive people over the years, including ex-brokers, industry experts, technology pioneers, and more generally, people who are driven to help us achieve our mission to make home-buying easier.

2022 was no different. With nearly 50% growth in headcount, 16 friendly new faces joined the Acre team to support the growth and development of our platform, and each person had a huge impact.


2.    Exciting new partners

This year, Acre was selected to be the tech provider for some of the fastest-growing networks in the UK, as well as many new large DA firms embracing the benefits of technology.

There’s been a wide range of customer sizes, needs, and priorities where Acre has come out on top. Switching systems is a big deal, but your peers have put our platform through rigorous testing, product comparisons, and consulted our Business Development team who are always open and honest in their process to make sure Acre is right for you.  

We built our platform from the ground up to be scalable, and scale it has! Since January, we’ve had user growth of over 400%, and we’ve enabled those users to help over 25,000 homebuyers.


3.    A big year for integrations

You may have seen some of our new integrations celebrated in the mortgage press this year. We have loved collaborating with some very talented people in the industry and enabling the use of their innovative products through Acre.

By building amazing products into our system, we are able to have everything that you may need in one place, saving a tonne of time and opening up opportunities for generating more revenue in areas like GI and protection.


4.    Fabulous new features

 Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes with Acre! However, our team doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering quality quickly. Over four years ago, our founding team members took a year out to properly research and plan out Acre’s mission. After writing our first line of code in January 2019 and an incredible amount of hard work since then, we have a best-in-market system – and we’re not slowing down.

This year, we have been announcing on LinkedIn all the new features available to our users every month, often stemming from your conversations with our Customer Success team that feedback to our Product Management team (made up of ex-brokers and industry experts) who lead the development of technology that’s bespoke to your business needs.


5.    Award-winning

It was an amazing end to an incredible year when Acre was announced as the winner of the Best Digital Solution Provider at the Banking Tech Awards held by FinTech Futures.

Our win recognises the hard work of our team, the brilliance of our technology and the people who have helped us in our formative years to formulate a solution that really works.


To wrap-up

It would be wrong to wrap up our year without acknowledging the turbulent and difficult times that the mortgage industry has been faced with in 2022. As we look to 2023, we will be doing all that we can to help you use technology to work more efficiently, save costs while being more profitable, and deliver great outcomes for your clients.

If you’re already a customer, we’d love to hear your feedback and reflections on 2022. Please look out for our customer survey being circulated in January to have your say on what we prioritise for you in 2023.

If you’re not yet using Acre then consider booking a demo with one of our lovely Business Development team to find out how we can help your business:

Thank you all for being a part of our 2022 and we can’t wait for everything we achieve together in 2023.

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