Acre Scheduler: no more back-and-forth booking meetings

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Trying to schedule a meeting with a client can be a frustrating process. You suggest a time, they suggest another, and so on. But with Acre Scheduler, the process becomes much easier.

What is it?

Acre Scheduler lets you connect your Microsoft 365 calendar to Acre so you can allow your clients to book meetings with you based on your availability.

This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails to try to find a time that works for both parties.

How does it work?

There are two options available for our customers.

The first option, when viewing a case, you’ll be able to send your client a link to book a time in your calendar. When they click the link, they can view available slots in your calendar and book a convenient time. For example, if you already have a meeting booked at 1 pm on a certain date, that time won’t be available in the Scheduler. 

The second option allows you to book the meeting yourself, or you can book on behalf of another advisor within your organisation. A calendar view will open, allowing you to view busy and free slots.

Our aim at Acre is to enable you to manage more cases without an increase in effort. So often, opportunities are lost due to delays with leads growing cold and customers going to a competitor. Productivity tools like Acre Scheduler able advisors to keep the communication loop going and maintain momentum on their cases.

-       Jon, Product Manager at Acre

How does it help your day-to-day?

This feature is designed to save you time and reduce the amount of admin work involved in scheduling meetings. By allowing your clients to find a time that works for them, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent chasing people for meetings or sifting through email threads. It also reduces the chance of missed meetings.

1.    Less admin work

By letting your clients find a time in your diary that works for them, you’ll reduce the time involved in chasing people for meetings or trawling through lengthy email threads to find what was agreed upon.

2.   Less missed meetings 

By closing the amount of back and forth it takes to book something in, there’s less chance someone misses an email or forgets an appointment.

3.   Simplicity

With a couple of clicks, you can simply send and forget, safe in the knowledge that your clients are booked in and your calendar will be up to date, all from within Acre!

Learn more about other Acre features

Acre Scheduler is just one of many features that come as standard with Acre. You can check out more time-saving Acre features here

Book a demo today to find out how Acre Scheduler saves you time and improves your clients’ experience:

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