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It’s no secret that a mortgage application requires a lot of documentation, and usually, it’s one of the first tasks that clients need to complete in their mortgage journey. This often involves a lot of chasing from advisors to make sure they have everything they need. We’re excited to announce a new upgrade that will make gathering and managing documents easier than ever for your clients.

Our team has been working hard to deliver the following upgrades to how clients manage their documents in the client portal:

Bulk uploads

We’ve added a new feature that allows users to upload multiple documents at once, so they can upload up to 10 documents in a single go, saving them valuable time and effort. We’ve also improved the upload status indicators so users be notified if their document has successfully uploaded or if there was an error during the uploading process, eg. if the file type they are trying to upload is not supported by our platform.

Assigning  and renaming documents

Each document can be assigned to just the logged in user, or they can assign the document to the other people on the case. This allows ease of uploading for couples or people who share documents. each document has its own rename box, enabling users to change the file name within the portal. This not only makes their lives easier but brokers too when they’re viewing the files in the CRM.

Progress navigation bar

Clients will be able to see checkboxes filled in once they have uploaded documents into a section, so they know what is outstanding and what they’ve completed.

New documents dashboard

We now have a place for users to view all their uploaded documents, as well as documents from their advisor and system-generated ones too! Users will be able to easily preview documents as well as download them.

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