How Acre's Simplify Conveyancing Can Help Your Brokerage?

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Conveyancing is a crucial step in almost every mortgage process in the UK.

We recognise advisors’ pain points around finding high-quality conveyancing services which is why we’ve partnered with Simplify, the UK’s market-leading conveyancing and property firm.


What is Conveyancing?


When a client is moving house, conveyancing is the legal transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. For re-mortgages to a different lender, a charge over the property needs to be registered by a solicitor.


A conveyancing solicitor is also responsible for carrying out searches, ensuring the property is legally sound and highlighting any issues that may affect the mortgage. Without proper conveyancing, the buyer may be at risk of purchasing a property that has undisclosed liabilities, such as outstanding debts or legal disputes – or that might fall into a mineshaft!


This can cause significant financial and legal problems for the buyer in the future. Thus, conveyancing is an essential part of the mortgage application process that ensures the buyer is fully aware of the legalities involved in their property purchase and protects them from potential issues down the line.


If everyone’s doing it, why is it such a problem?


Whilst everyone needs a conveyancer, and a lot of conveyancing is being done, not all of it is being done particularly well. Interminable delays, poor communication and inefficient processes lead to 42% of buyers being unsatisfied with their conveyancer.


Additionally, the way pricing is traditionally quoted for conveyancing is at best confusing, at worst downright obfuscatory. Myriad hidden fees, charges, disbursements and every other word a solicitor can think of to charge the client money are added on to an unrealistically low initial quote. This just adds to the frustration homebuyers feel towards the solicitors who are meant to be working for them.


Everyone involved in the home-buying process – brokers, clients, conveyancers and ourselves as software providers – have a vested interest in the process completing as quickly and painlessly as possible.

That’s why we believe there’s a better way.


Acre’s Conveyancing


We’ve worked with Simplify Conveyancing to build simple, transparent pricing for conveyancing services directly into the Acre platform. Because the advisor has discussed the case in great detail with the client whilst completing the fact find, we have all the information we need to provide an accurate, highly competitive quote to the client.


One of the other key reasons we’ve chosen to partner with Simplify Conveyancing is their excellent attitude to customer satisfaction. With a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot and a proactive approach to making sure clients understand the process and are kept fully informed, your client remains a happy client.


And the proposition for your client is excellent as well –with PPL’s no move, no fee guarantee, access to PPL’s excellent client portal eWay and great pricing on top of the market-leading customer satisfaction mentioned earlier, it’s no surprise they’re the UK’s largest conveyancer.


Once a conveyancing case is live in Acre, advisors can see live status updates directly from the system the solicitors use to manage the case. What’s more, perhaps most importantly, brokers have direct access via phone or online messaging to the solicitor who is managing their client’s case.

This means that when you have the missing document the solicitor needs to proceed, or the client has got a bit confused and come back to you as their trusted financial advisor for help, you have the ability to actually sort things out.


Lastly, Simplify Conveyancing pay a generous commission to you for each successful referral via Acre, helping your bottom line.


Learn more


Want to see the conveyancing cases in action in Acre?


Get in touch with our business development team to find out how Acre’s Conveyancing can accelerate your business and improve your clients’ experience:

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