How switching to Acre kick-started the move to DA

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Neaf, director of Mortgage Hand, has been a directly authorised broker (DA) for a couple of years. Neaf took the leap from being an appointed representative (AR) of the Mortgage Advice Bureau as he wanted to start his own firm. One big concern Neaf had was staying on top of paperwork and working efficiently.

We spoke to Neaf to hear his thoughts on the platform and onboarding process at Acre.

Why did you switch to Acre?

Neaf had previously worked as an AR but with a growing family and an urge to be in business for himself, he took the leap and became directly authorised.

“Going AR to DA is different. You’ve got more responsibility on yourself. You do the branding, marketing, watch reviews and reputation as well as dealing with the FCA, banking, and reports. It’s basically madness…good madness.”

After trying out some alternative mortgage software providers, Neaf decided he needed a system that brings everything into one place and lets him get more out of his time by cutting out repetitive paperwork such as suitability reports.

Neaf came across Acre through a recommendation from a PMS member. After looking into Acre’s product features and booking a demo, it became a no-brainer for Neaf to move.

How Acre helped:

1. Automatic Suitability

For a one-person firm, writing suitability reports for all your clients can be a time-sink. Skimming through your notes, manually adding client details, and copying across product information is a time-consuming process, especially when added to the never-ending pile of tasks for a mortgage broker.

Demonstrating suitability is a huge part of a compliant process, which is why Acre’s automatic suitability report has helped Neaf launch his business and stay one step ahead without additional effort that usually requires long hours. Acre adapts its template dynamically based on the clients, situation, and needs - and pulls all the information you need directly from the case. If something changes, Acre automatically handles the workflow to reissue and reapprove the report.

“The suitability report was lost on me on my previous platform. They wanted me to manually input all the parameters. It was a massive added stress. As a business owner, if that compliance is wrong it’s going to come back and bite you. It’s not worth it.

As someone who doesn’t have time, and who isn’t an IT whizz kid, Acre is so easy to use, so simple. The suitability report is pre-populated, the software is user-friendly, and it’s all compliant.”

2. Increased efficiency for smaller teams

In Neaf’s case, being a single-broker firm can have its challenges. For example, the lack of time and increasing to-do list leads to late nights and increased stress levels. This is where Acre’s workflow can save hours per week.

By listening to brokers and building the system around their day-to-day, Acre allows the advice process to become self-documenting. No more hand-scribbled fact finds or notes because you can easily drop things into the system as you go.

”As a business owner, I’m so busy because it’s just me. But Acre is so fast and efficient. As long as my fact find is completed and correct, I can package a mortgage and protection in 30 minutes. The system is so easy.

The workflow is in order too – the fact find, credit commitments, budget planner. It goes in line. Even home insurance in sourcing. It’s all these little things that help.”

3. Dedicated customer success team

Neaf was pleased not only with the quality of Acre’s software but with the onboarding, training and support during his system transition. Moving to a new system is always challenging, but Acre’s Customer Success team accompanied Neaf through the whole process.

Every new Acre customer receives dedicated training sessions, weekly topical webinars, and access to a huge library of articles and videos to help you learn the Acre way. Lead by experienced Customer Success team members, these resources are key to make rolling out a new technology a success. In addition, Acre offers free and fast ongoing support for any issues you might encounter, and to help you learn how Acre can grow your business.

“As soon as I call or email the team, it’s basically instant. The team are on it and help me so quickly. As a business owner, I’m so busy, and if there’s ever a hitch it’s all on just me. But the Customer Success team are so fast and efficient."

What’s your favourite feature?

The suitability report is up there. It’s ready, pre-populated and compliant every time.”

Are you happy with your choice?

“Yeah 100%. I’m fully fledged Acre. As a business owner I’m so busy because it’s just me. Acre is so fast and efficient. The workflow is in order too – the fact find, credit commitments, budget planner. It goes in line. Even home insurance in sourcing. It’s all these little things that help.”

“If your software isn’t up to scratch, it’s going to set you back massively. If anything messes up on the system, it could take you half a day to sort. Time is money and software is key to that.

How Acre can help your business save time

If you want to transform your business like Neaf did, and save on your cases, then book your demo today!

Our Business Development team would love to show you Acre and answer any questions you may have.

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