Improvements to Lead Management in Acre

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We’re excited to introduce some powerful new tools to enhance the way our brokers can manage their leads in Acre. These features are designed to elevate a firm's productivity, ensuring they never miss a lead, avoid bottlenecks during the advisory process, capitalise on cross-sale opportunities, and re-engage clients at the right time.

The features

Contextual case lists

Gain a comprehensive visual overview of cases at key touch points, ensuring advisors have the insights they need at a glance.

Events-based tags

Discover a more relevant, streamlined way to filter and find cases. Tags act as quick filters, making it effortless to categorise and sort cases needed.

Client actions indicators

Instantly see whether clients on a case have accessed their client portal, retrieved their credit report, or scheduled a follow up meeting.

Bulk actions

Handle multiple cases simultaneously. Bulk Actions empower brokers to assign multiple cases and generate remortgage cases in batches, without the need to open each case individually.

How these new features help Acre users


  • Schedule meetings with clients efficiently.
  • Track engagement for different touchpoints from calls made to meetings booked.
  • Distribute workload by assigning leads to advisors and related users such as administrators, case managers, lead qualifiers, or reviewers.


  • Build case research, make product recommendations, and generate suitability reports.
  • Tag recommended products, reviewed cases, porting, second charge, protection or G.I. products.
  • Bulk assign cases to administrators or other relevant users during the research phase.


  • Monitor cases from recommendation to offer stage.
  • Identify stalled cases, approaching offer deadlines, and outstanding protection or GI advice needs.


  • Track cases post-completion to ensure follow-ups.
  • Guarantee no case completes without a final follow-up.


  • Track clients' mortgage rate expiry dates (7, 6, 3 months out) to prevent missed remortgage opportunities.
  • Set up remortgage cases for clients within the chosen engagement window.

Why You'll Love Views, Tags, & Bulk Actions

  • Enhanced productivity: Streamline case workflows to systematically manage cases, ensuring no missed opportunities or key dates.
  • Targeted case management: Quickly pinpoint cases needing attention, reducing time spent searching and sorting through information.
  • Improved client engagement: Stay on top of important events, dates, and tasks, helping you build stronger client relationships by proactively addressing their needs.

API Access and Zapier Integration

At Acre, we understand the importance of seamless integration and automation for modern businesses. That’s why we offer API access and a Zapier integration, allowing companies to build powerful marketing and sales automations. With our API, firms can connect Acre to their existing systems, creating a unified workflow that enhances efficiency and data accuracy. Our Zapier integration opens up even more possibilities, enabling brokers to automate repetitive tasks and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Ask our Business Development team for more details, or speak with your Account Manager if you’re already using Acre’s system.

What’s next: Acre Marketing Suite

We’re also working on the first component of Acre’s Marketing Suite, making available marketing tools within Acre. These tools will allow automation of communication strategies directly within the platform, ensuring that customer interactions can be managed more effectively. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to bring these powerful new features to market.

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