Introducing the new and improved Acre mortgage sourcing engine

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At Acre, we're committed to continuous improvement and providing our users with the best mortgage software on the market. That's why we're excited to announce the latest update to our mortgage sourcing engine. Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers we’ve been able to build a better, more flexible, and more powerful sourcing tool.

What our users liked about our existing sourcing system

Acre mortgage sourcing was already a comprehensive tool that our users loved for several reasons:

  • Criteria: Sourcing pulls criteria from the case, making it easy to see which products were most suitable for each individual borrower's needs.
  • True Cost Calculation: Extensive control of the true cost calculation allows users to see the full picture of the cost of each mortgage product.
  • Detailed product info: Being able to see detailed mortgage information at a glance within the sourcing grid makes it easy to compare and contrast different options.
  • Product comparisons: Users can add manual mortgage products and compare them within the sourcing grid alongside all other products.
  • Multiple product types: Users can source and compare complex cases like porting and further advance.
  • Evidence of Research: Acre sourcing captures a snapshot of the sourcing engine at the specific point in time a recommendation was made, an industry-first!

What our users told us they wanted to see improved

Our users also came to us with feedback on what they thought could be improved in our sourcing engine. These were their key asks:

  • The sourcing algorithm was doing too much under the hood, and users couldn't easily tell what data was being used from the fact find to limit sourcing results.
  • Users wanted to be able to quickly and easily compare the effects of different criteria filters.
  • They wanted more customisability of the sourcing grid so they could see all the data they wanted easily.
  • They wanted more accurate affordability calculations and results, better quality screenshots from the lenders' affordability calculators, as well as having these automatically part of the evidence of research.

How our new sourcing view meets our users' needs

To address what our users were asking for, we've made several key updates to our sourcing engine. Here's what's new:

  • 💪 Unmatched Affordability: Say hello to our own best-in-class affordability system! Experience precise results and seamless integration with Acre. You can read all about it in more detail here.
  • 🔍 Instant Filter Insights: See exactly how the fact find filters impact your sourcing results! Easily toggle filters on and off to fine-tune your search effortlessly.
  • 💡 Greater Flexibility: Customisation takes centre stage! Enjoy greater control over the sourcing table and true cost calculation for a tailored experience.
  • 👀 Enhanced Layout: We've revamped the layout for a crystal-clear view of crucial information. Filters are now grouped intuitively, making sourcing smoother than ever.
  • 🏷 Quick look product names: We made it possible to view product names by hovering over them, allowing advisors to distinguish special products at a glance

We're hugely excited to roll out these updates for all our users, and we'll continue to make it even better thanks to all the great constructive feedback we get from them. Stay tuned for more updates from Acre!

PS. If you’re not an Acre customer and would like to know more about how Acre Mortgage Sourcing can supercharge your process, you can book a demo here

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