Secure Client Messaging: How it Can Help Your Business

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Tired of jumping between your mortgage platform and emails or WhatsApp just to get in touch with your clients, only to have to copy your correspondence across to your case notes for audit trails?

Good news! Acre has a solution that lets you communicate securely with your clients all from within the platform. Introducing our newest feature - Secure Client Messaging!


What is Secure Client Messaging?

As you might imagine, this feature allows advisors to communicate with their clients via the Acre CRM and Client Portal. With a new and user-friendly design in the Client Portal, the feature looks exactly like other chat apps you're familiar with.

Whenever you receive a new message, you’ll receive a notification in the CRM. Staying in the loop with your clients has never been easier! With the ever-increasing demands on our time and attention, the ability to communicate directly through a case in the CRM streamlines the process, saving both parties valuable time and effort.


How does it work?


Just like every other messaging app, Secure Client Messaging lets you communicate directly with your clients on a case.

For advisors, the notification bell in the upper right corner of the CRM ensures that you never miss a message from a client. With the option to mark messages as "Read" or "Unread," you can easily keep track of your workload and prioritise tasks accordingly.


For homebuyers, similarly to online banking, your clients get notified via email when they have a new message from you, making sure they never miss a message. Homebuyers can reply quickly to your messages, once again decreasing the time in the overall process.

“When working on a case, there can often be a long line of communication between yourself and your clients. Having all these messages in one place makes submitting cases much easier and saves brokers a lot of time.”


Morgan, Product Manager & Mortgage Adviser.



How does it help your day-to-day?


1.    Faster applications and smoother client journeys


Secure Client Messaging allows for more streamlined communication between you and your clients. Now you can receive and reply to messages quickly, all from within the case. This keeps your clients in the loop at every step of the application.


2.     Everything is in one place, no more digging through old emails


Everyone hates having to jump between apps to perform tasks that should all be together. If you notice a document is required, you can send a secure message asking your client to upload it. Then when they read the message, they’re already in the Client Portal ready to do so.


3.    Great client experience


The familiar chat design of the feature provides a great user experience for your clients and makes them feel like they can easily get in touch. Plus, the communication thread is automatically stored in your notes on the broker side.



Learn more about other Acre features


Curious to see how much time and effort Acre’s Secure Client Messaging feature can save you? The answer is a lot. You can also check out other time-saving Acre features.


Book time with our business development team to find out how Secure Client Messaging can accelerate your business and improve your clients’ experience:

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