What does our Business Development Manager do?

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We caught up with Adam, the Business Development Manager here at Acre to find out more about him and what his role at Acre is.

Hey Adam! What do you do at Acre?

I’m a part of the Business Development team. We’re a two-man band - I work with Robin, who’s our Head of Business Development. I suppose you could compare us to Batman and Robin, but I’m not sure if Robin would be happy with me being Batman.

My main responsibility is setting up demos and onboarding prospect firms onto the Acre platform. The other part of my role is working to onboard lenders.

What happens in an Acre demo?

A typical demo goes like:

  • Beginning with finding out more about the firm. We’ll ask how big they are, what they’re after in a platform, if there’s any business requirements they want to let us know about or any questions they want answered in the demo.
  • Explaining the features of the Customer Portal and Introducer Portal
  • We run through a case explaining the benefits of the Fact Find (compliance checks, ID checks, property data, credit…. All the good stuff!)
  • Demo sourcing and show how it covers more complex cases
  • Display evidence of research
  • Show how easy the Suitability Report is to use
  • Touch on accounting and reporting
  • And finish with a Q&A to ensure our visions align and we can deliver what they want

How do customers interact with you?

As we’re one of, if not the first point of contact at Acre, customers tend to have a lot of questions. Most of these are about commercial terms. We’ve got a different business model to other platforms - you only pay when you earn - so we explain how this will look for their firm. Other questions are about test accounts to trial and how to merge existing data over to Acre.

What were you doing before Acre?

Before Acre, I was working for Oplo as a Product Manager. Most of my experience has been with Amigo Loans. I’ve had numerous roles across the sector - sector underwriter, manager, BDM, product manager and Head of New Business.

What do you like to get up to outside of work?

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a massive football fan. I support the mighty Bournemouth! I’m also a keen golfer, there’s arguably some room to improve on my technique but you can often find me on the green.

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