Why Mortgages for Doctors chose Acre

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About Mortgages for Doctors

Mortgages for Doctors specialise, as you might expect from the name, in providing financial advice to those in the Medical profession (though they do also help non-medics). Due to some of the challenges that are particular to medical professionals, securing a mortgage can prove tricky and nuanced. For medical professionals, finding the time to get mortgage and protection advice when working hours can mean only being available at irregular or unsociable times of the day.

Having been frustrated by the lack of purpose-built CRMs for mortgage and protection advisors, and even delving into starting work on their own solution, Michael Harms found that Acre was already tackling a lot of the features he’d been looking for.

Simplicity and Integrations

Mortgages for Doctors were looking for a comprehensive system that integrates various processes and workflows into one single platform that is purpose-built for the mortgage industry, as opposed to a general IFA platform with features bolted on. Previously a lot of the processes and client communications were manual and made things admin-intensive. Acre helped to streamline a lot of these processes and bring everything into one place.

“It’s like night and day because we went from creating our own process with four or five different systems, communicating with clients in lots of different ways and being more admin heavy, to all of a sudden having a system that controls every aspect of the process and ensures that you're compliant, ensures that clients are taken on a journey step by step, and also ensures the advice journey is coherent throughout the group”

Client Engagement

Client communication is a huge part of the advice process, especially when working with clients with huge time constraints on them, and Mortgages for Doctors was keen to make sure they were giving their clients a convenient, high-quality experience from onboarding, to walking clients through the process step by step by allowing them to easily share their information, through to communicating through the client portal messaging.

“Fundamentally it’s about being able to engage with clients using calendar systems, booking systems, inviting the clients through text messaging and emails, allowing them to do a lot of the updating of information at a time that's convenient for them, even uploading their own identification. So it's all of those small little bits that all add up to become a very slick system that wasn't available in the open market elsewhere.”

Efficiency and Capacity

As with any good back-office software, the goal was to find a solution that brought more efficiency to the company and reduced the amount of manual processes that took time away from the more valuable aspects such as speaking to clients and securing great outcomes for them. Acre has helped to handle increased volumes while still maintaining high quality service.

“You've brought huge efficiencies to the business. So instead of me having to go and find another member of staff to service clients or more administrative support to combine all of those various other systems we would otherwise be using, we now don't need to do that.”

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