Why Shaw Financial chose Acre

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About Shaw Financial

Having won several awards and being celebrated as the top-rated mortgage and protection advice firm in Mansfield and the surrounding areas, Shaw Financial were looking for a tech provider that could help streamline the excellent customer service they were already delivering. We spoke to Lewis Shaw, firm Principal, about how Acre has helped him gain more time back in his day from having an end-to-end, fully integrated mortgage platform like Acre.

Fully integrated all-in-one mortgage software

"Most CRMs might have one integration, but a lot don't have any. So it was the integrations [in Acre] that allowed ID checking to be done within the system to be able to drag the credit report into the system and that the sourcing was built into the system. So once you generate the suitability report, all that information that's being pulled into that system is referenced, which means that you're not duplicating, you're not jumping outside of systems to do other things. So it's just much easier and user-friendly for the broker, but also it's easy for the client as well.

Lewis wanted a mortgage CRM that connected the dots between data and services, to avoid jumping around and re-keying information. Having done a lot of research over the years into other providers, he was drawn to Acre's approach of fully integrating everything into one platform.

"It's crazy that in this day and age, I've gotta send a link to someone to download a credit report to save as a PDF to e-mail it back to me, and then key it all in manually. As opposed to being able to verify your ID and then all that data just gets pulled in directly, straight into the system so I can check it, no rekeying. So it saves time as well."

"To have everything in one place where all that data is held centrally, you know it's verified, you know it's secure, and so that speeds things up. It also keeps me safe, from a compliance point of view"

Modern user-friendly software

"A lot of CRMs, not all, but a lot, look very old. Well, they are very old. So I want something that looks like it belonged in this century, you know? Acre looks like that. It looks of its time and it works of its time as well."

Acre prides itself on building on the expertise and experience of Mortgage specialists like Lewis, we've always set out to build a best-in-class system by combining industry expertise with modern software innovations and best practices. Acre was built on the principle that by combining the best of both worlds, we can deliver the best Mortgage and Protection system in the market.

"The way that the actual system is set up, so you can see in a Kanban style view, exactly where everything is at. So you can see what's being worked on, what's to be worked on, what's offered, very very simply."

Getting more time back

As with any client services business, time is precious. For different companies, this can mean different things. Most of the time being able to save time means being able to service more clients over a period, meaning increased revenue. Sometimes, however, it can mean a better quality of life. For advisors whose business performs at a level they're happy with, any time saved is time they get back for themselves. A benefit that often gets overlooked but is nonetheless very valuable.

"I'm more productive when I'm using Acre. It cuts down on all that unnecessary work and wasted admin time. And the big thing for me is I've got more time back. So for some brokers, it will be that they want to transact more business, which it will undoubtedly do. But for me, I want to get some time back for me, which is what it's done."

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