The all-in-one Mortgage and Protection platform

Acre is the fastest-growing end-to-end mortgage and protection platform for Intermediaries in the UK. Acre has everything in one place so you can spend less time on busywork and more time growing your business.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership, Paradigm members can now get access to Acre's game-changing technology at discounted rates.

What does Acre Software do?

Our specialised Mortgage Broker Software brings you powerful features like mortgage and protection sourcing, best-in-class case management, and automated suitability. With seamless integrations for ID checks, credit history, property reports, and more, Acre simplifies your workflow. Take advantage of our scheduling tools to optimise your time, while our intuitive platform helps grow your business through cross-sells and enhances client relationships.

Acre software mortgage sourcing for brokers

Acre for Brokers

Streamline your mortgage and protection brokerage with Acre's dedicated mortgage broker software. Tailored exclusively for brokers, it offers efficient case management, intuitive dashboards, and automated suitability reports, saving you time and enhancing client relationships.

Purpose-built Mortgage and Protection CRM

Acre provides a tailored CRM for brokers, ensuring precision and efficiency in your operations.

Leading Mortgage Sourcing Engine

Our fully-integrated mortgage sourcing offers real-time lender affordability data and versatile product options for the perfect match.

Integrated Protection Sourcing

Source protection products seamlessly using client data from mortgage cases, saving time and enhancing client services.

Automated Suitability Reports

Streamline the creation of comprehensive suitability reports, setting new standards in precision and efficiency.

More accurate sourcing

Acre's fully-integrated mortgage sourcing gives you unparalleled control, allowing you to compare products with multiple levels of filters, real-time lender affordability, and a wide range of product types to find the perfect product for your client.

Keep up with the fast-paced lending market using Acre's Lender Criteria filters, ensuring perfect match for your client's needs.

Never miss an affordable option with Acre's real-time lender affordability data, saving you time.

Compare and find the best fit for your client with Acre's multiple product options including Second Charge, Retirement, Interest-only, Porting, Product Transfers, and Further Advances.

A screenshot of Acre's mortgage sourcing engine

Acre for Clients

The Acre Client Portal transforms the client-broker relationship during the mortgage process. Clients benefit from a branded online window into their journey, simplifying fact finds, secure document management, free credit reports, and seamless communication.

Modern Digital Experience

Acre Client Portal provides the digital convenience clients expect, accessible from any device, with easy access to information and seamless communication.

Effortless Fact Finds

Acre Client Portal's intuitive interface that guides clients through fact finds, building trust and ensuring brokers have comprehensive information from the start.

Secure Document Management

Clients can securely upload, view, and sign documents, eliminating the need for physical proofs and ensuring easy access to all information.

Free Credit Reports

Clients can access their Equifax credit report at no cost, integrated with Acre CRM, enabling brokers to review credit history and identify potential issues early.

Acre client portal

Only pay for the cases you place

Here's the game-changer – as a Paradigm member, you can now access Acre's platform with no upfront license fee. Instead, you can opt to use your firm’s profit share to cover these costs at a discount, reducing your direct outgoings at a time when we know firms are looking to save money wherever they can. In addition, Acre is the only platform where you only incur costs when you make money, meaning Acre is there to help you grow your business.

In addition to this, the first 90 days is totally free!

Acre software dashboard

Acre for Managers

Elevate your brokerage with Acre, your all-in-one solution for efficient management and growth. Our platform offers real-time management dashboards, robust accounting tools, MI reports for insights, and seamless compliance, including automatic audit trails.

Management Dashboards

Identify strengths, areas for improvement, and track key metrics to ensure compliance with FCA's Consumer Duty.

Accounting Tools

Effortlessly track and reconcile fees at the case level, including broker fees, proc fees, and commissions.

Management Information Reports

Gain valuable insights with MI reports. Track your business pipeline, understand case cancellations, and dive into the Case Status Waterfall for a comprehensive view of your operations.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Streamline operations and unlock new revenue streams effortlessly with Acre. Our automation capabilities allow you to refer services like conveyancing, home insurance, and wills.

Acre for Admin Teams

At Acre, we understand that Admins are the backbone of a brokerage, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our platform is tailored to empower admin teams with essential features.

Efficient Lead Management

Admins can seamlessly access brokers' calendars, streamlining meeting scheduling. Clients receive scheduling links, reducing the need for document chasing before meetings.

Introducer Collaboration

Acre's Introducer Portal invites introducers to introduce leads directly. They receive real-time case updates, fostering transparency and saving admin time.

Automated Workflow

Admins can seamlessly access brokers' calendars, streamlining meeting scheduling. Clients receive scheduling links, reducing the need for document chasing before meetings.

A screenshot of Acre's calendar scheduling tools
A screenshot of Acre's electronic ID verification checks

Acre for Compliance Officers

Case checking has never been smoother, satisfying consumer duty has never been simpler. Acre makes auditing cases for compliance a breeze by flagging risks, improving collaboration with advisors, and automating manual pitfalls for advisors.

Better collaboration

Simplify the back-and-forth between case checkers and advisors for better outcomes.

Unrivalled proof of research

Our blockchain technology captures a snapshot of exactly what was sourced at the time and why.

Compliant by design

Automated workflows and record-keeping ensure consistent advice & compliance with consumer duty.

End-to-end data collection

Our data model allows for smarter movement of information for secure and compliant advice.

Everything you need, all in one place

We know it's frustrating having to subscribe to multiple services so we've integrated all the services you'll need into one system. Here are just a few:
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