Acre amps up client portal to give homebuyers a superior mortgage journey

Published on
February 6, 2023
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  • New embedded client messaging delivers instant client/broker communications for a smoother mortgage journey
  • Acre’s Client Portal allows home buyers to automatically perform eIDV and credit checks and receive free credit reports

Acre, the one-click mortgage intermediaries platform, has unveiled its newly revamped secure Client Portal as part of its reimagining of the home buying process. Acre’s Client Portal is designed to support the client through the entire life cycle of buying a home - focusing on communication, access to the right information and transparent insight into the mortgage process. The portal is the central contact point between brokers and clients, where clients can easily reach out to a broker, upload vital documents and pull their credit reports, eID verification (eIDV), and see the status of their case at any point.

The embedded secure client messaging is designed to drive better communication between brokers and clients, creating a greater client experience and faster case applications, as brokers are not flitting between email and their CRM systems. Acre has built this comms technology from the perspective of a home buyer, making it user-friendly, mobile-first and similar to everyday consumer apps. Clients feel they have easier access to their brokers, while the secure messaging technology protects confidential information and builds a central record of homebuyer correspondence and notes to help with compliance. In the future, this will extend to lenders and insurers as well.

Acre has also introduced a new documents feature into the Client Portal to let clients securely upload multiple files at one time into the portal. Through a ‘guided journey’, clients automatically perform eIDV and credit checks while easily completing the fact-finding process, meaning brokers save time and points critical to the mortgage application are less likely to be missed. Acre’s unique verification system automatically highlights any information missing for this case and product in order to get a DIP. Clients have a free copy of their credit report to keep and have one place where they can see the progress of their case, and all the lender, insurer, and broker-generated documents for their purchase.

“Buying a home is one of life’s biggest purchases and clients want to know they are in good hands when applying for a mortgage. Easy and secure client communications and efficient, transparent processes for brokers and their clients are vital for a seamless journey. Our client portal is the central point between broker and client, from the second the client is introduced to the celebratory end where they get the keys to their home. We’re excited to be constantly adding to and improving this experience.” — Justus Brown, CEO and founder of Acre.

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