Acre and Simplify to deliver fixed-price, transparent conveyancing for brokers

Published on
October 3, 2023
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Acre, the one-click mortgage intermediaries platform, today announces a partnership with Simplify, one of the UK's leading independent conveyancing and property services firm and owners of Premier Property Lawyers (PPL), to give its brokers and their clients access to best-in-class conveyancing services with no hidden costs through the platform.

The collaboration with the UK's largest conveyancer means that Acre's brokers will have access to immediate, transparent legal services with the confidence of no hidden charges and accompanied by a competitive commission rate. Every Acre user will benefit from a speedier conveyancing process and increased conversion rates due to Acre's superior data capture and checks that pass on solid transactions to PPL conveyancers. The integration also allows Acre's brokers to see live status updates of each case and direct access, via phone and online messaging, to the conveyancer managing the case. Once complete, Acre's built-in accounting ledger helps brokerage owners manage and allocate their commission.

Justus Brown, Acre’s CEO and founder said: “ This exciting partnership gives Acre’s brokers and their customers access to the one of the highest quality and most consistent conveyancing experiences in the business. Our technology means PPL conveyancers get pre-validated client and property data, which speeds up this important stage of the home-buying process. We’re excited to work with Simplify because our brokers will see updates in the same system as the conveyancers rather than relying on manual updates to a different website.”

Dev Malle, Chief Business Development Officer at Simplify added: “Acre has a vision to change the process of buying a home, and we are excited to be on this journey with them. By taking a digital-first approach, we can be competitive in the market, using data from Acre's platform to provide realistic quotes and feed information into our systems to move faster, meet deadlines, provide up-to-the-minute reporting and, ultimately, improve the clients' experience."  

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