Acre integrates Land Registry data to help brokers speed up the mortgage application process

Published on
February 10, 2023
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Acre, the innovative all-in-one intermediaries platform, announces that it has added the Land Registry search facility to its broker Property Portal, allowing brokers to access in-depth information about any UK property at the click of a button. Acre’s integration of Land Registry searches gives brokers the ability to build a far more accurate picture of the home being bought. It minimises the risks of cases failing as it identifies risks much earlier in the process so they can be managed and avoid delays during conveyancing.

Acre’s Property Portal automatically pulls in data from Land Registry and 45 other reputable sources into one view, allowing brokers to identify potential pitfalls early in the homebuying process. The data is seamlessly added to the fact find giving brokers greater accuracy and criteria matching when finding the right products for a client, and speeding up the time to application to a matter of minutes not hours. 

Justus Brown, founder and CEO of Acre, said “27% of the fallen-through home sales last year were due to survey issues or difficulty securing a mortgage. Brokers can now easily access vital records via Acre in order to uncover any stumbling blocks earlier on in the process, which means that the risk of the deal collapsing is reduced. Plus, as Acre’s technology seamlessly pulls this data into its platform, we can reduce the time and efforts for brokers at the early stages of the application process, leading to happier, less frustrated clients.”

Acre’s system is a one-stop shop for brokers, giving them more time to focus on their clients’ needs and deliver better outcomes with fewer delays. Acre’s proprietary technology supports mortgage journeys in their entirety - from CRM, lead capture and sourcing to fact finding, recommendation and application - saving brokers time and money whilst promoting better compliance. 

Since coming to market last year, brokers using Acre have already helped over 10 000 homebuyers get their mortgage, and active brokers have been doubling every three months.

To find out more about Acre or to sign up to a demonstration, please visit

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