Acre raises the bar for sourcing and affordability as part of a simpler mortgage journey

Published on
June 14, 2023
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Brokers face an uphill battle to marry competitive mortgage rates with affordability as the last 12 months have demonstrated.

Acre, the one-click mortgage intermediaries platform, has today unveiled its new best-in-class affordability and sourcing capabilities to make the path to marrying mortgage product and case fit easier in order to help brokers secure the right outcomes for their clients, and prevent foreseeable harm.

Acre’s investment in the development of its own sourcing engine means it brings a fresh approach to meeting broker’s needs for speed and accuracy when finding the best-fit product for clients in a challenging economy. Its best-in-class sourcing engine gives brokers unparalleled control, from the ability to preview products with and without filters - from property and client to type of ownership - to having a single viewpoint to compare different scenarios, in addition to real-time lender affordability and up-to-the-minute product types. It is also the only platform to fully automate generation of ‘reasons why’ letters, keeping them in sync with changes to case data, allowing brokers to focus more on sharing their knowledge and advice, rather than on paperwork.

Furthermore, in an industry first, Acre’s new affordability functionality is integrated directly into the sourcing grid. It addresses the difficulties brokers face in matching clients to suitable lenders. Its innovative technology delivers the most accurate snapshot of client’s income and expenses in the market, no matter the complexity of the case - e.g. multiple jobs, shared ownership and self employment. The integration of lender affordability directly into Acre’s sourcing engine eliminates the need to work across separate CRM and affordability systems and re-key data, meaning brokers can focus on finding their clients the right lender without spending hours on research.

Justus Brown, Acre’s CEO and founder said:

“Brokers are working harder to try to source the best lender product with an affordability model that does not put homeowners at risk. Over the last six months we have listened to brokers tell us of the growing complexity of affordability . In turn, our team has engineered a superior sourcing engine and affordability function whose smart use of data and design functionality makes broker’s work easier and the time to DIP faster.”

In another advancement to Acre’s mission to help broker’s get the best outcome for clients, the platform also announces a new partnership with Sesame Bankhall Valuation Services (SBVS). Acre users can now offer a high-quality panel of RICS member surveyors for clients' surveying needs. With this new partnership, homebuyers will be able to access competitive pricing while securing a high-quality survey.

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