Koodoo Partners with Acre to Enhance Mortgage Brokerage Services

Published on
May 29, 2024
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Koodoo, the leading provider of mortgage technology for UK price comparison websites and online lead sources, has partnered with Acre, the UK’s fastest growing intermediary platform. Under their new agreement, Koodoo’s in-house brokerage will be using Acre’s market leading platform to deliver an enhanced experience for both customers and brokers, expecting to reduce their average case processing time by 25%.

This partnership marks a significant innovation in the digital transformation of the mortgage industry, enabling seamless and efficient communication across internal and external business departments, and between advisors and clients. By centralising data and interactions within a single platform, Koodoo and Acre are breaking down traditional barriers, streamlining the advice journey, and ensuring better customer outcomes, which leads to significant time savings. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves client satisfaction by providing a more transparent, responsive service and helping meet Consumer Duty requirements. The partnership sets a new standard for digital integration in financial services, where streamlined workflows and enhanced data accessibility drive better outcomes for both clients and advisors.

Together, Koodoo and Acre will explore ways to simplify the mortgage application process and deliver better outcomes for consumers. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, this partnership marks the beginning of a shared commitment to innovation and improved customer satisfaction.

Koodoo’s platform provides access to over 100 lenders and over 25,000 deals, supporting comparison sites and guiding clients to a range of options, including specialist brokers, lenders, and Koodoo Advice, their integrated in-house brokerage. The company leverages its comparison technology, AI document processing, and AI call compliance checking tools to automate and improve the mortgage application process for consumers. With the launch of Acre, Koodoo Advice is further positioned as an innovative leader in mortgage advisory services.

Acre is the all-in-one CRM platform selected by Koodoo to help brokers manage clients’ mortgage journeys from start to finish. Driven by a goal to take the headache out of buying a home, Acre’s technology and smart use of data makes the mortgage process seamless - from enhancing lead capture and fact finding to research, recommendation and application. As a result, it can improve the advice process so that brokers can deliver superior client experience, cut the friction of the mortgage journey and easily secure the right outcomes, while minimising regulatory risk. Key features include easy case management capabilities, smart dashboards, an intuitive client portal that offers credit reports and best-in-class sourcing.

Mansi Behl, Lead Mortgage & Protection Advisor, said:

“I'm really excited to introduce Acre to my team. it's going to make a big difference in how we serve our customers. Having a single platform for all information is highly beneficial for both us and our clients. This means we’ll be on the same page regarding case progress and areas needing attention. Plus, we’ll have a centralised place to store and track all relevant files, clearly accessible for both consumers and advisors. I am also looking forward to analysing my team’s performance in more detail, thanks to the integration of data points on Acre.”

Justus Brown, Acre CEO and Founder, added:

“Mortgages can be a time-consuming and testing process for prospective homeowners and brokers alike. Acre and Koodoo are digital disruptors and we share the common goal of making that journey far smoother. Our work is focussed on facilitating a far more harmonious relationship between advisor and client. Koodoo’s in-house brokers will reap such rewards as they move their leads into Acre and utilise the platform’s best-in-class technology to provide a superior service, source the right deal for each case and get to DIP first time, every time.”

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