Acre’s 5 biggest wins of 2022 (so far!)

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As always, time has flown by and we’re shocked to find ourselves already halfway through 2022!

Despite life being excitingly busy at Acre and our platform constantly progressing, we wanted to take the time to look back at five things that we’re proud of achieving so far this year.  

If you’re not yet using Acre’s platform, then we promise that the time invested in finding out more about us will save you hundreds of hours in the future… and if you use our platform already, here are five reasons why you now have the time to read this!

1. PMS launch

Back in January we announced our partnership with PMS Mortgage Club, meaning PMS members could get over 2 years access to Acre completely free of charge, when they place their mortgage and protection business with PMS.

Since then, we’ve onboarded lots of amazing mortgage and protection firms, and we’re excited to see the number of firms choosing to switch to Acre increasing each month. Our users are hugely important to us, and we work closely with them to understand their needs so we can find more ways to save them time, money and headaches.

2. Positive feedback from users

One of the most rewarding things about making a new product is hearing from your users. We always enjoy learning about our customers and how they use what we build every day. Our customer success team is working non-stop to on-board, train, and support brokers using our system. Here are some of the great quotes they have gotten in the past few weeks:

"I am delighted with the system. You're helpful, I tell my guys this is a great team, usually firms promise things they don't deliver." – Principal based in South Yorkshire  

The system is exactly what I was looking for to give me more structure to my sales process. I cannot fault anyone I have encountered from Acre, training and support is excellent! – Principal based in East Sussex  

As soon as I call or email the team, it’s basically instant. The team are on it and help me so quickly. As a business owner I’m so busy, and if there’s ever a hitch it’s all on just me. But the Customer Success team are so fast and efficient. – Principal based in West Yorkshire

3. Innovative integrations

Acre was built from the ground up to be a flexible, modular platform for mortgage and protection advice. That means that the platform can benefit from all kinds of other services, integrated directly into everyday use. Here are some examples we are excited about:

Equifax for credit reporting

There’s nothing quite as frustrating for advisors as spending loads of time on a case only to find that a client has adverse credit and is likely to get rejected at application. Advisors often request that their customers sign up to a third-party credit service in order to get a copy of their credit report, trying to prevent nasty surprises at application time.

With our integration with Equifax, clients can get a copy of their report directly in the Acre Client Portal - without an additional account or subscription – at no cost! Because the data is populated directly into the fact find, our brokers instantly benefit too.


We were thrilled to expand our relationship with Uinsure to allow advisors to sell Home Insurance in one-click. With the added pressure homeowners are facing with the cost-of-living crisis, it’s never been more important to have the right coverage for their homes.  

Acre DIPs

The mortgage industry has been promising integrations for decisions in principle (DIPs) and applications for years, but most of the implementations are hard to use and still require a load of re-keying. That’s why we knew it was important that we made the process in Acre as smooth and seamless as possible.  

We kicked that off with our integration with lenders like TSB, Leeds, Accord and Aldermore though Iress’ Lender Connect, and we have a lot in store for the rest of 2022, including some of the UK’s biggest lenders.

ONS Data

Fact finding is difficult enough without having the get out your phone bill and check your bank or credit card statement to estimate how much money you spent eating out last month. So we use the same source of data that banks use – from the Office of National Statistics – to make a statistical guess at what the right numbers should be. This puts us in line with what lenders expect while lowering the burden of a fine-grained budget planner for clients.

Property Data

Acre integrates with all kinds of UK property data sources in order to give a full picture of what homebuyers are really buying.  From Land Registry searches to EPC’s and local geology, Acre covers it all. Watch for our upcoming property portal announcement for a lot more detail on what we are doing in this space!  

4. Launching and improving loads of great features

Over the last 6 months we’ve launched a raft of great features and functionality for our products, some of the biggest include:

  • Electronic Identity and Verification: With identity fraud on the rise and getting harder to catch it’s important for advice firms to be able to easily run checks on their customers to satisfy the latest regulatory and financial crime requirements. Our new EIDV tools allow advisors and admins to run checks on clients at the click of a button. Clients themselves can upload their ID docs and a selfie to ensure they really are who they say they are. You can find more about Acre’s best-in-market EIDV in our recent blog post.
  • Accounting: Bring all your commissions and fees into one place. Fees are automatically created and kept in sync with your case, without wasting time maintaining spreadsheets and manual processes.
  • Compliance View: Our in-depth compliance view reduces file-check time by highlighting key information on cases for brokers
  • Calendar Integration: Seamlessly create and track calendar invites for your clients in one system so that you no longer need to rely on communicating over email or phone to find a time that suits you both. Acre’s customisable customer facing scheduler enables your clients to self-select an appointment time based on your automatically synced calendar, saving you time and avoiding errors.

5. A growing team

To create a best-in-class product, we've brought together an all-star team of experts who have the knowledge and passion to improve the way people buy homes.

One of the most common things we hear from team members is how great it is to get to work with such smart and talented people, which we're massively proud of, and we couldn't have achieved the rest of this list without them!

Since the start of this year, we've had 12 new joiners and counting. We're always looking for amazing people to help us on our mission, if you're interested be sure to look at our open roles, or get in touch

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