One platform for all your business needs

We’ve built the ultimate solution for streamlining your mortgage & protection business - one platform tailored to meet the unique needs of principals, advisors, admins, and compliance personnel. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Acre for Advisors

With Acre's intuitive interface, advisors can easily access and manage client information, streamline communication, and automate compliance tasks, giving them the freedom to focus on what they do best - helping their clients achieve their homeownership goals.

Faster fact finds

Smarter use of data to speed up and automate every stage of the application process.

More accurate sourcing

Source products using lender criteria, real-time affordability, and multiple product types.

Automated suitability

Suitability reports are generated as you go to save you time. Proof-of-research ensures clean audit trails.

User-friendly client portal

Invite your clients to complete fact finds, upload documents, and get updates on their case progress.

A screenshot of Acre's mortgage sourcing engine
A hero image of Acre's reporting functionality

Acre for Managers

Acre is the ultimate solution for streamlining your operations and taking your mortgage and protection advisor's productivity to the next level. With Acre, you'll have access to powerful management insights that will allow you to make informed decisions and grow your business like never before.

Back office tools

Accounting in Acre makes tracking and reconciling commission easy

MI reports

Get a better overview of your business performance

Compliant by design

Automated workflows and record-keeping ensure consistent advice and compliance with consumer duty

Team productivity

By automating repetitive tasks, Acre frees up hours of mortgage and protection advisors time

Acre for Admins

Empower admins to manage more cases with less effort by automating tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending reminders and follow-up emails, and tracking client interactions, all the while ensuring compliance at all times.

Simpler time management

Productivity tools help you stay on top of everything you need to do

Programmed workflows

Source products using lender criteria, real-time affordability, and multiple product types.

Easy document gathering

Client portal provides a secure and convenient way for clients to upload and share their documents

Automated leads

Simplify lead management from introducers and other sources

A screenshot of Acre's calendar scheduling tools
A screenshot of Acre's electronic ID verification checks

Acre for Compliance People

Case checking has never been smoother, satisfying consumer duty has never been simpler. Acre makes auditing cases for compliance a breeze by flagging risks, improving collaboration with advisors, and automating manual pitfalls for advisors.

Better collaboration

Simplify the back-and-forth between case checkers and advisors for better outcomes.

Unrivalled proof of research

Our blockchain technology captures a snapshot of exactly what was sourced at the time and why.

Compliant by design

Automated workflows and record-keeping ensure consistent advice & compliance with consumer duty.

End-to-end data collection

Our data model allows for smarter movement of information for secure and compliant advice.

Only pay for the cases you place

No more paying flat fees for mortgage software that overcharges and under-delivers. Switch to a platform that only charges you for applications that complete. Your success is our success.

Complete flexibility

With Acre Platforms, there's no need to worry about paying per user. Only pay for successful case completions.

No hidden costs

No hidden fees. No extra licenses. No locked features. What you see is what you get.

No commitment

If your business doesn’t grow when you switch to Acre, you can leave within 30 days.

No fixed payments

You only pay us when you successfully complete your cases, ensuring we’re fully invested in your growth.

Acre simplifies home-buying

Brokers are an important part of getting the best deal on your mortgage and insurance, and they help you navigate the process of buying a home. However, they’re often limited by tools that are outdated. These tools don't use existing customer data, so you have to constantly provide the same information over and over again.
We make the process easier by:

Putting users first

We’ve designed our platform around the users it serves. By putting home buyers and brokers at the heart of its design, Acre is building the best home buying experience in the market.

Automating compliance

There’s an unchangeable ledger of all actions so things are never out of sync. The requirements, documents, and rules change to match the product being sold, so there’s never any wasted energy.

Improving cross-sales

Protection, home insurance, and conveyancing, are all included in the journey. And if a client decides later on they want to buy one of these through their broker, they won’t need to start the advice process over again in a new tool.

Customer testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers on how Acre has helped them streamline their compliance and suitability process

a logo for Mortgage Hand
“Acre is so fast and efficient. As long as my fact find is completed and correct, I can package a mortgage and protection in 30 minutes. The system is so easy."


Principal and Advisor, Mortgage Hand

A logo for Intrinsic House
“Everything is in one place, from fact finds, ID checks, Income and expenditure, to sourcing and suitability reports. The system has streamlined the advisors' work process.”


Principal, Intrinsic House

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