7 Productivity Tools in Acre

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In the busy life of a mortgage or protection advisor, even the smallest gain in efficiency can make a huge difference. With Acre mortgage and protection CRM software, that can be anything from easier communication with your client to the management of each case’s documents.


Here at Acre, we do everything with the brokers’ needs in mind. We know how long and frustrating mortgage application processes can be, which is why we have created productivity-improving tools. With a range of innovative tools and features, Acre helps you manage your workload more efficiently and effectively.


From automated scheduling to document management and LandRegistry data, these features are designed to make your life easier, saving you time and effort so you can focus on what really matters - giving your client the best possible advice.


In this post, we'll explore seven ways that our mortgage software that can help you take your productivity to the next level. If you're looking to streamline your workflow and increase productivity as a mortgage advisor, Acre has got you covered.



1.   Acre Scheduler


Acre Scheduler seamlessly integrates your Microsoft 365 calendar with Acre, enabling your clients to easily book meetings with you based on your availability.


This means that you no longer have to go back and forth between emails, text messages and calls with your clients, trying to find a convenient time in your busy schedules.


Acre Scheduler helps you stay on top of your workload by making sure you never miss a meeting simply because your daily schedule is already waiting for you in your personal calendar.


You can read more details about how Acre Scheduler streamlines your workflow and maximises your productivity in our dedicated blog post.



2.  Secure Client Messaging


Secure Client Messaging is a new Acre feature which enables advisors to communicate with clients directly via the Acre CRM and the Client Portal. With real-time notifications, both you and your client will be instantly alerted when a new message is received.


This feature streamlines communication and boosts your organisation and efficiency throughout the mortgage process. The chat’s user-friendly design is similar to popular messaging apps, ensuring clients can easily connect with you and stay informed of their progress.


The chat’s user-friendly design is similar to any other messaging app, making clients feel like they can easily get in touch with you and stay in the loop of their mortgage journey.


For more details on Secure Client messaging, head over to our latest blog post. You can also read the press release which highlights the most recent improvements Acre has done to its next-level Client Portal.


3.  Document management


Document types


Acre's Document Types menu simplifies document management by allowing you to categorize your uploaded files. You can choose from a variety of document types, including credit reports, bank statements, and birth certificates.


We know that advisors frequently use documents such as utility bills, pension statements, or bank statements as "Proof of Address" for clients. With Acre, you can use these documents to verify client addresses.


Documents marked as "Internal" are only visible to you and members of your firm. These documents will not be accessible to your clients in the Client Portal.



Bulk upload



Uploading multiple documents can be a challenging task, particularly when dealing with unorganized files. Acre's bulk upload feature solves this problem by allowing you to select and upload up to 10 files at once.


We recommend bulk uploading documents of the same type to streamline the process and avoid having to adjust document types manually for each file.





If a document is no longer relevant to the case or has been uploaded in error, you can archive the file. This feature ensures that you maintain an organized and up-to-date document repository.



Generate Fact Find and IDD


Acre automates the creation of all the documents you need in the advice journey, from initial disclosures (IDD), through documenting the advice (proof of research and affordability calculator results) through the final suitability or reasons why letter. If the data in the case change – maybe a client has a revised income, or the deposit amounts have changed – then the documents are all automatically reissued. It’s as simple as that.


4.  Land Registry data


Acre automatically pulls data directly from the HM LandRegistry and 45 other reputable sources, allowing advisors to use in-depth information about any UK property, at the click of a button.


This feature saves time and enables advisors to make better-informed recommendations to their clients. The data can be easily added to the Fact Find, which increases accuracy and helps identify potential issues early in the mortgage application process.


Having access to detailed information about a property allows you to identify potential problems with the property in the early stages of a mortgage application to avoid future problems.


If you want to find out more about our Land Registry integration, read the full press release, outlining the details.



5.  Sourcing, Criteria & Affordability in 1 view


When we started building Acre, we were surprised at how separate sourcing tools are from the core advice process. In Acre, we put sourcing at the heart of advice, with mortgage products, criteria and affordability tied to the case and pulled into one easy-to-use view.


We show you how many products will remain after each filter, and we let you document affordability results whenever you save a product to the case.  What better way to save time and drive your productivity?



6.  Pre-filled ONS data in Expenditure



In Acre, you no longer need to have long and exhausting calls with your clients, asking them about every single detail of your lifestyle just so you can complete their expenditure report.


Acre offers pre-filled data from the ONS, giving you a reliable estimate of your client’s spending based on where they are in the country and the people in their household.


The pre-filled data is all changeable, so advisors can use it as a starting point and adapt to the specific situation for the clients.



7.   Notes


Acre's notes section is a powerful organizational tool that ensures your workload is properly managed, allowing you to easily locate and add new notes. With various note categories such as General, Messaged, Email and Call, you can always keep track of your work and promptly search for essential information when needed.


The star button is an excellent feature that enables you to prioritise notes by pinning them to the top of the page for quick access.


Learn more about Acre


You can read more about Acre’s features and integrations in our dedicated blog posts and press releases.


If you’re still not convinced how much time and effort Acre’s productivity features would save you every single day, get in touch with our Business Development team. They would be happy to show you the platform live and answer all your questions.


Find a time suitable for your schedule here: https://www.acresoftware.com/demo

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